Szafa Penelopa 155

949,00 zł

Koszt dostawy: 150 zł
Kolor drewna do wyboru: Śliwa Walis, Kasztan Wenge
- wysokiej jakości płyta laminowana
- obrzeże ABS
- prowadnice Firmy Sevroll
Szerokość 155 cm
Wysokość 215 cm
Głębokość 66 cm
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Informacje dodatkowe

Informacje dodatkowe

wysokość 215
szerokość 155
głębokość 66
powierzchnia spania Nie


  1. Fouch Recenzje wg solid phone

    I wouldn't normally write a review, but everyone is giving this phone a bad rap.. I think people that buy into those reviews are getting cheated out of an excellent phone. I've know several people with Razors that ALL like this much much better. The battery life is absolutely fine, and my phone is on vibrate all day. Maybe other reviewers are on the phone constantly on full blast playing mp3s and shooting video.. I don't get it. I've had this phone the better part of a year and never ran out of charge during the day. I plug it in at night. I work as an architect and am on the phone all day long and beat the living hell out of it.. which is another huge plus about this phone. It has a *sturdy* metal housing.. not thin toy crap a la razors or plastic like most phones. I don't do a lot of bluetooth, computer syncing, etc, just use the phone in a fairly conventional way, with regular camera use, and for that it is *easily* far and away the best phone I've ever owned. (Dodano 26.08.2007)

  2. Not an i-phone Recenzje wg Udini

    cest ci nest pas une i-phone. (Dodano 25.08.2007)

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